Crescent Moon Necklace

Crescent Moon Necklace

Anything that has to do with the Moon is my absolute favourite (I even made a Moon Phase Garland when I first started this blog), so when I saw Crescent Moon pendants all over the place, I knew I needed to try making my own. The best part about making your own, is that you can customize the size, the chain for the necklace, and even the details. I get so many compliments / questions on mine, & it’s always nice to say you made it yourself! With just a few simple supplies, it’s really simple to make and since most chains and jump-rings come in packs, you can make multiples (for friends and family). This technique can be used to make any kind of pendant, so if you aren’t feeling a Moon, try making something else.

You Will Need

Sculpey Baking clay, Sculpey Stain Gloss, Jump-rings in various sizes, Pliers, Chain or Necklace

Let’s Get Started

Start by rolling out a small piece of sculpting clay a little longer than an inch. Make sure to roll the ends thinner than the middle. Using something round curve the clay around to create a crescent shape.

Read the directions on the package of the clay, and bake accordingly – Usually takes 13-15 minutes.

Once the pendant is completely cooled, coat with the stain gloss, and set to the side to dry.

Using different sized jump rings, customize your pendant. I opted to create one with some rings in the middle and one with the rings in 3 different spots. To add them, use pliers to open and close once around the pendant. To create the loop where you will be adding the necklace, join two jump-rings together first, and then attach it to the pendant.

Add your necklace or chain by either threading it through the loop, or open the jump-ring to place the necklace and then close.

Hope you give this DIY a try and make sure you’re following me on Instagram!




  1. Raquelle
    July 21, 2017 / 6:41

    Love it!

    • createtostyle
      July 21, 2017 / 6:41

      Aw thanks! ❤️

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