Vanity Snippets

Vanity Snippets

 Now, I’m not crazy about makeup, but I do enjoy getting dolled up every now and then (I mean, who doesn’t?). It doesn’t hurt when you have a sister who’s a makeup artist either. She has taught me so many useful little tips and tricks, and helped expand my little collection over the past little while. Check her out on Instagram Raynelle M Artistry

When I moved into my condo I knew I wanted a vanity that could sit right under my window, because the natural light is perfect. After searching for some time, for the ‘right’ one, I came across this beauty online. I was drawn to the lovely greyish, silver finish, which goes perfectly in my bedroom. I also love the mirror detailed door on the front of the cupboard. My absolute favourite part, is that the top opens up to reveal a mirror and more storage inside. When you’re not using the mirror, the vanity can also double as a desk, making it great to get other work done.


 Here is how I chose to organize my space, I wanted to make sure I optimized all every little part I could. I picked up some desk organizers and clear trays from winners. Of course, you could get these from anywhere, but I like the ones with many different compartments, because with makeup there are so many different things to organize. As I said before, I’m not a huge makeup kinda gal, but I do value the few things I do have, and like them lasting for as long as possible.

Left to right: Eyelashes & eyebrows, everyday face makeup, face care, blenders, lipgloss, primers, tools, pencils & mascara, and lipsticks. Eyeshadows, pallets and blushes are in the drawer!

 Who doesn’t love some good quality make up brushes? I’ve collected mine throughout the years. Most of them are basic, but there are a few nice ones mixed in there. I used to always keep mine in a makeup case before, but I much rather have them out on display now.

Part of keeping your makeup brushes for so long, is taking proper care of them and cleaning them regularly. So today I thought I’d share a little DIY brush cleaner. There are so many different soaps you can buy, but this involves a couple of household items I’m sure you already have (making this DIY pretty close to free).

To make the brush cleaner, you will need: a cup of water, 1 tbsp antibacterial dish soap, and 1/2 tbsp vinegar. I chose to mix everything in a small mason jar (pictured above), which works well, because you can store it away when you aren’t using it. Also, you can turn the lid into a little scrubbing surface like I did with some hot glue, by creating a thick zig-zag pattern (pictured below). When you’re ready to wash your brushes simply pour a little of the cleaner into the lid, and scrub your brushes back and forth. I suggest doing this in your bathroom or near running water, so you can rinse your brushes off or the lid, when the water becomes dirty. Make sure to never get the metal part of your brushes wet, as it will cause the hairs to become loose and fall apart. Then all you have to do is wipe your brushes onto some paper towel, fluff them out and leave to dry.

I hope you enjoyed taking a little peak into my vanity, I’d like to think I’ve come along way from keeping all my stuff in makeup bag (..all the time, ha!) Let me know how you organize your makeup, in the comments below! & be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram!


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