Easy Recipe Book

Easy Recipe Book

Hi Friends,

This year one of my goals was to make more recipes from cookbooks, and let me tell you, I’ve been sticking with it! However, with Pintrest and everyone blogging these days, most of the recipes that I find I want to recreate, are online. If you’re anything like me, then you probably screenshot them to save to your phone, to make when you have time. (I looked through my screenshots right before writing this post and I found 7 recipes saved to my pictures). I usually find I either forget about them, or I just never get around to making them, because they are usually buried deep into my photos. Why not create this quick and simple little recipe book, to keep all these recipes you’re just dying to try. Just a few supplies needed, and you can customize it to your needs. If you’re one of those people that save magazine clippings, this would be perfect too, as you can easily insert into the book, instead of writing it out. (& if you’re really lazy, you can even print out the screenshots and insert them as well).

I found this plastic photo album at the dollar store, for 2 bucks, but you could even use one you have lying around. I cut the bottom and was able to pull out the original cover, which I used to trace on pretty craft paper. Using scrap card stock, I created little recipe cards, detailing them with common titles you would find for a recipe. Once you’re done writing them out,  slide them into the photo slots. If you have magazine clipping you can go right ahead and slide them in too. There you have your new recipe book, filled with delicious treats you’re just waiting to create!

Let me know if you give this quick DIY a try, and make sure to follow me on my social media!


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