What are your goals?  Do you have any? Did you create a new list for the year?

I didn’t want to write this post just for New Years, so I thought I would give it a week or so to post. The reason being that this post isn’t a list of resolutions (although there are one or two in here), rather everyday goals that I found myself doing less of in the past little while. Its okay to fall off your path once in a while, just refocus and get back on track. Writing down your goals helps, especially when you lose sight of why you started. For me these are a few of the things I hope to get back on track with.

Picking and sticking to my bedtime. I work super early Monday to Friday and that requires me to be in bed pretty early, however each night I find myself pushing the bar later and later. 9:30pm latest from now on.

Drinking more water. Enough said.

Write everything down, make lists, and check them off. I find myself making small lists at work of things I want to accomplish when I get home. (I even found cute little notepad lists for my desk). Lists are so important to not only keep you organized, but if you’re a visual person like me, they keep you focused. Must stick to this!

Flex more! I’m getting married in less than 5 months, so working out is an obvious one, but I also want to revisit going to yoga a couple of times a week or in the month. Having moved recently, my condo comes with a gym, and there’s a hot yoga studio just down the road… no excuses.

12 books 1 year. Honestly, I read pretty fast, so I can definitely do this (I did it last year as well). I’ve already started with A Monster Calls. Let me know what books you’ve read lately so I can add them to my list.

Put those cookbooks to use. I have a number of cookbooks in my kitchen just waiting to be opened. I plan on creating at least 2 recipes from a book every month.

Invest in more “me time” – baths, meditation, journaling, walks, swimming, etc. I focus a lot of time on other things and sometimes put off things for myself. I hope to get back to giving myself the time I need to be the best I can be. 1 hour a day with no distraction, just doing something for myself.

Finally, my creative space, aka this blog. Focus more time to great content, so we can grow together. I hope to continue sharing fun diys, stories and and experiences with you all.

Let me know about your goals. You don’t need a New Year to write a list. Im sure as the year goes on I’ll add a bunch more. Thats the beauty about goals, they change as you grow!

Hope you are all having a great 2017 so far!


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