Kitchen Corner

Kitchen Corner

With moving comes packing and unpacking, but best of all comes decorating new spaces. I was really excited to decorate my new kitchen with blues and whites, while adding pops of colours!

This little corner was the perfect spot for this Ikea serving cart! I purchased this cart in my old home, because I needed the extra counter space. Having a nice big island in my new kitchen, this cart works as a little decorative area or can double as a coffee station. I knew I wanted to flip this by painting it, and eventually add some knobs on the drawers.

The Ikea cart comes in a raw wood (pictured below), so I used a power sander to prep my surface. Next I made sure to wipe down the cart with a damp cloth and then again with a dry cloth to ensure all the dust was removed. After two coats of paint, I sealed it with a top coat. I added two floating shelves above the cart with some recipe books and decorative items! 





Thanks for stopping by, many more decorating post to come!




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