Copper Mood Board

Copper Mood Board

Here’s an easy DIY that will look really pretty in your office space. Copper is definitely in right now, so why not create this mood board to hang your inspiration and ideas.

You only need a few materials for this project:


3 – 3 ft copper pipes, 4- 9 inch copper pipes, 2 – T joints, 4 – corner joints, a measuring tape, a pipe cutter, fake flowers of your choice, e6000 and jumbo binder clips (not featured in the picture).


  • To assemble, simply add 2 corner joints with e6000 inside to one of the 3 ft pipes.
  • Repeat on another 3ft pipe.
  • Take the last 3 ft pipe and add the 2 T joints with e6000 on either side.
  • Connect all the pipes together by adding the 9 inch pipes (2 per side) to each side.

This will create a rectangle with a pipe in the middle (featured in the picture).

Dress up your board with fake flowers, or string lights. I found the purple flowers looked really nice against the copper. Attach two binder clips to the top, and use them to hang as well as clip some pictures. You can tape pictures up or use more clips to display your inspiration.

You could spray paint the binder clips another colour if you want them to blend in. The possibilities are endless, you could even create different shapes with different joints to connect your pieces.


This board looks great in any space, whether you have a big office space, or one as part of your living room, or even hang it up in your bedroom.

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